Hello, I am Bonie Corina, one of Senior Financial Planner (SFP) from Manulife Indonesia.I started my career as agent of Manulife Indonesia at 1st April 2010.I was free lance agent, because I also an employee of securities company.Since Hanuari 2016, I started my career as full time agent and in 10 months, I achieved my first Senior Financial Planner(SFP) or VIP Agent and won my first Mini Conference reward and keep continue year-by-year

My purpose for my career is to help people to understand their own insurance and their protection planning, so they got maximum benefit with their limited premium.

So, here I am, willing to help you to learn about your insurance , fact finding about your needs, and provide solutions for your futures.

Email me at bonie.corina99@gmail.com or Whatsapp 62-8129409026

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